There has been much debate about what fishing brings to people. Fishing is a kind of sports which bring a lot of benefits to people. However, it also has its drawbacks. In this article, we will support advantages and disadvantages of fishing.


We can deny that fishing is popular thanks to its great advantages. Here are some most common ones.

  • Fishing helps us increase our relaxation

People often say that they go fishing in their free time in order to have fun or to relax. It proves that they will get something good from this kind of sports. In reality, we can have comfortable moment, quiet atmosphere and peaceful feeling when we go fishing. As usual, we choose quiet place to fish in order that we can enjoy the nature and the silence among our busy life.

Sitting in the shore of the river or the pond, we can see the water, the surrounding see sight and listen to natural sounds of birds and fish. Mostly, our purpose of going fishing is not to catch fish for food. We aim at getting free and releasing stress. Sometimes, the old wants to go fishing as they want to contemplate about their life.

In the afternoon, we can go fishing. This gives us a chance to lay our bodies down on the grass and take a short sleep to enjoy the fresh air and the peace of the nature. We are sure that you will never forget this feeling.

  • Fishing helps us learn about the sea creatures

Indeed, fishing presents more than only increasing our relaxation. We learn a lot about fish instincts and habits. If we have time, we can observe every movement of the fish through your keen eyes. You can catch the fish and then do a small surgery to understand its body. Furthermore, when we go fishing and see the changes in the fins of the fish, we can predict the weather. This helps us expand our command of fish life.


Apart from great advantages mentioned above, fishing has also disadvantages.

  • Fishing consumes a lot of time

It is obvious that we have to spend a lot of time going fishing on the grounds that we have to wait for the fish to turn up let alone the time to prepare the fishing rod and the bait. If we do not have much time and we just go fishing for a while, we will hardly find it interesting.

We often see the old go fishing. Because they retired, they can spend the whole day fishing. However, we have to work and study so we can only spend our weekends or holiday fishing.

  • Fishing can make us sick

In some cases, fish only turns up when it is sunny. If we go fishing under the sun, it will be very easy for us to be sick. The heat of the sun can burn our skin, which can result in skin cancer.

Fishing is both advantageous and disadvantageous. You should balance your time and effort for your work and going fishing.