Top Best Flashlight Brand All Over The World

Currently on the market, there are a lot of different types of tactical flashlights, which are often referred to with names such as super bright flashlight, flashlight with self-defense, waterproof flashlight. These types of flashlights are quite cheap money, so their quality is often not guaranteed. Here is some information about the brand of tactical flashlights that you can find purchase or refer as they can be considered as the best flashlight you’ve ever seen.

Eagle Tac

The company is the foundation of the state of Arizona specializing in the design and manufacture of tactical flashlights. Their flashlights are used by law enforcement burly and search and rescue teams. Eagle Tac flashlights include advanced features such as specified output power for high output power stability and features to effectively adjust.


Start making high performance for dive lights in 1974 and today is a global manufacturer of advanced lighting systems. They are dedicated to continuous improvement of products and services.


It was created in 1969 with the first idea of using lasers for industrial equipment. In 1979, they designed and patented a laser gun sight. SureFire flashlights led to the development of weapons installed flashlight. Then, they continued to assert itself as a leading manufacturer of compact lighting tool and potential applications for these devices strategy. Finally, the name of the Surefire became synonymous with excellence in portable lighting tools.

Nova Tac

Originally emerged as a leading developer of the chain of daily carrying flashlights. They work towards improving handheld flashlight every day by making them suitable for military purposes. Nova Tac provides handheld flashlight brought daily to the US military. Nova Tac has also developed a pressure, which is enabled to remote controls tail cap switch durable and be sure to allow their weapons to be controlled remotely.


Founded in 2007 after identifying a niche for small multi flashlight, which is powerful and extremely light. They want to create products that combine technical perfection, creativity and practicality. Their products are manufactured with high precision standards.


Starting as a torch three years ago, and has become a great source of inexpensive high-end flashlights. They often cut edge of the flashlight. They are committed to the research time and their resources to provide you with the circuitry and LEDs with the latest features.


Owned and operated by NiteIze, they produce high-performance LED, and is a pioneer in the field of portable flashlight. Inova provides solutions for handheld flashlight for entertainment, professional, and tactics.


It is a high-tech company specializing in LED lighting. Their mission is to produce the most advanced tactical flashlight on the planet, while still provide the great prices. Olight flashlight suits you need and your specific tasks.


Takes its name from the phoenix, which in Chinese means “perfection.” Since its establishment, Fenix has tried to create the perfect flashlight. They are committed to innovation, and begin to get the attention of people.

In fact, Fenix is the first manufacturer of quality LED flashlights that only uses a single AA battery. Through invention and innovation, Fenix has become one of the famous brand flashlights in the world.


Lumapower tasks are to design and manufacture high-performance and reliable LEDs. They have a lot of experience in LCD technology and LED lighting.


Making the tactical flashlights since 1979, the police, and firefighters spread the word about aluminum Maglite reliable flashlights Maglite has been committed to product innovation, and they quickly follow up the success of the Maglite flashlight with rechargeable battery system of their lamps. Today, Maglite is still respected as one of the best flashlight brands in the world.

Wolf Eye

It is a specialized manufacturer of tactical flashlights. Their goal is to produce the leading tactical flashlights. Wolf Eyes flashlights are very reliable. Most of the flashlights are rechargeable with the brightness of the same tactics. This is a reliable choice for the professional that the user can recharge.

Princeton Tec

It has produced light for more than three decades. They say that the human soul motivates them to promote the technology and design. They want to ensure that you not only have the best lighting solutions but also solutions with the best technology and the performance has implications for the application in use.