Some Kind Of Skateboard On The Market Now

What do you do in your free time? Nowadays, with the development of society, there are many new sport appear to adapt the demand of the young. One of them has skateboard.

It is a new and adventure sport. So you can consider and then choose a good longboard before playing. Then you will have interesting time with this sport. So now, we will introduce to you some kind of longboard for you to play. If you are starter, you also choose longboards for beginners.

There are two popular types of games and Cruiser board Skateboard. Long board is a type anymore.

Notes When Choosing A Longboard

It has long, skis become new style of urban youth, young people want to challenge and affirmed his style, skateboards always companion.

Not only has health benefits, skis also confirmed instrument player’s style.

With new player’s skis, basics first need to know that there are certain types of skis, and select the appropriate kind to yourself?

These kind of long skis often start not easy, but gained speed with the skateboard even more stability and higher speeds

The classic type of skateboard-shaped nose and obtain very good stability

A type of skis first appeared in every line skis, it was born around the 1970s.

The Structures Of Longboard

The structure of this ski extremely simple and easy to use, especially for beginners skate.

Classic skis have a hit in the first classic games, you can easily click and flip plank up, support positive performances in the air with skis

The development of the classic lines of skis, making the shape of the skis more and more like an inverted triangle (narrow squeeze in about 2/3 the length of the plank), the skis have better performance, and stability , safer. In addition, there are forms of classic games more than the tail is set high, maid knocked better and easier boarding.

This form is usually quite short skis (less than 1m), but larger than the width of the skis, the long form. Suitable for beginner’s skate, who often move, traveling with skis.

On the other hand, it is very maneuverable skis freestyle. Type freestyle skis appeared later, around 1980, with the aim of free performances on the plane, rather than on steep terrain or concave

Freestyle sliding type with compact design, with a symmetrical shape through the central axis, and the shape are, all over the body width skis, skateboards section 2 was strangled first bit smaller, but just rounded edges typically, and have little perking up

Picked this design, allowing freestyle skis have flexible travel capabilities, active support for games or performances flipped at high speed on the surface topography.

In general, each type of sport or hobby skateboard that you should choose appropriate types of skis.

New to the collection skateboard easy skateboard should choose classic

You are proficient to use skateboards, and frequent travel, or take a stroll in the form of Freestyle skis are suitable choices. You used for the purpose of racing skis or performances are the main long skateboard design is the perfect choice. You must comply with traffic laws when sliding on the street.

If rollerblading in the evening or in the dark, people cannot see you and you cannot see the various obstacles or other skaters. So, please equip yourself reflective clothing, flash on the helmet, carry a flashlight or you can use the wheel roller skates luminous.

Below, we will help you choose a good brand for this instrument. You can consider and then buy one to play with this new sport.


This brand is new in the market but it is favorite by many people. With fun names, carrying neo Welcome ‘for fun’. Totally opposed to other standards, provides 22 Welcome skateboards with graphics format stampings in both the top and bottom of the plank (art friction support for planks). On the minus at the Welcome slogan: “the other brands care too much about myself but not about the product, we focused a lot on the board that are not his own.” Artistic skaters need Welcome.

We hope that you choose suitable types of skis