There is no doubt that we feel happy when we give kids presents and see their face brighten with joy. Finding the right gifts for kids is not an easy matter, however. We can either choose sweets, cakes, dolls or things we feel can truly benefit the kids’ health or brain development. A Best Commuter Bike to help the kids stay fit and travel long distance, a kick scooter to make movements so free and fun and a pair of roller skaters: these are some of the best indoor gifts that help kids exercise effectively while enjoying fresh air.

Commuter bike

Cycling brings about many health benefits and that is a proven fact.

  • Nowadays, kids spend a lot of time on studying. When they have free time, they are often busy with watching TV, chatting via handphones, getting on facebook, instagram, twitter or play computers games, especially those in the city. It is alarming to see kids spend less and less time on exercise. Cycling is an effective way to help kids stay active

  • If you want cardiovascular workout for your kids, cycling can definitely help. Cylcing is not just about using your legs; in fact the entire body can enjoy a nice workout too. Both heart rate and stamina can increase during the cycling process. Cycling helps build muscles gradually; it’s not too intense for kids and does not put too much stress on the knee but require patience.
  • Children suffering from diabetes or obesity can benefit greatly from cycling: these are two very common worries of parents in the modern society. Cycling helps reduce a significant amount of body fat.
  • Through cycling, children learn to be more responsible, confident and independent. They can now go to a store far from home without getting a ride from their parents; also they have to learn traffic rule and know how to focus and pay attention on the road.
  • Cycling can also help ease worries or stress away

A commuter bike is not just any ordinary bike. It is a type of hybrid bikes with combine many features of road, touring and mountain bikes. It is stable, comfortable; it can also tolerate many riding conditions and allows for greater speed.  That is why commuter bikes are very popular for children and adults.

  1. Kick scooter

Kick scooters are gaining popularity these days; it is not a surprise since they provide fun and health benefits at the same time. They are loved by children of all ages, especially toddlers.

At present, the three-wheeled kick scooters are mostly made of aluminium alloys. As they are sturdy and lightweight, kids have no problem or feel no pressure in driving them. They can be folded and carried around in a bag so they don’t even take a lot of space: even toddlers can do so.

Unlike electric devices, kick scooters require kids to do more physical exercise: kids need to learn how to balance themselves on scooter and kick hard to move swiftly and smoothly. It is easier to learn pushing scooters than learn riding a bike.

Giving scooters as gifts is a cool way to encourage kids to stop spending too much time on computer, getting some much-needed fresh air outside or playing with friends and neighbors.

  1. Roller skates

Make no mistake: kids love roller skating. It is fun and cool. Roller skating can be intimidating at first but when kids can get past their fear and gather enough courage to try, they will absolutely get addicted to it.

Roller skating is a great physical boost; in fact it is one of the best aerobic exercises according to the American Heart Association. It is perfect for a cardio workout, no less than jogging of cycling with great caloric consumption, body fat reduction and development of leg muscles. As compared to running, it goes much easier on the joints (less than 50%). This type of effective but low-impact exercise is no doubt perfect for kids.

Roller skating can lead to increased heart rate and workout for every major muscle on the bodies, especially those on the legs, hip and the lower back. When kids swing their arms while skating, their muscles in the arms and shoulders also get good workout. Skating may sound scary but in fact it is much safer than bicycling, football or baseball. It teaches kids to learn how to balance themselves and concentrate. In also increases oxygen to the brain and improve endorphins.

Another great thing about skating is socialization. Skating is less fun when you do it alone. It is a good opportunity to get out, make friends, skate together and learn from each other.  Studying will be more effective when kids come back after taking a break for such an effective workout.