Organized Bike Rides – Enjoy the Sun and Get Exercise

What is an organized bike ride? If you’ve ever seen a pack of people riding bicycles and having numbers written on their backs, they’re most likely to be participating an organized ride.

You can do it too if you’re interested in taking part in the fun of organized riding. Firstly, get yourself a road bike then participate in one. To look for the best cheap road bike, you can try reading online reviews and customer reviews to make sure your choice is correct.

benefits of organized rides


What Are Organized Rides And The Benefits Of Them?

A planned or an organized ride is dedicated to raising funds sponsored by a group for a specific purpose. Usually, organized rides are from 25 to 100 miles. If that’s a family organized ride, then the length is usually shorter since they will ride with the elders and children.

There will be predetermined stops after certain distances, let’s say 10 to 15 miles, for refreshments. These stops are manned and marked by volunteers and are where riders get snacks and refill water. To follow the correct path, all the participants will have a map marked with paint arrows; they can also get help from the volunteers too.

In a nutshell, this type of events will provide tremendous benefits for newbies and help them enjoy the fun to the fullest.

An organized ride is a great chance to meet interesting and friendly people with different backgrounds and cycling ability. And apart from being able to socialize, you’ll also get the opportunity to have some great fun time as well as exercise.

What Qualities do you Need To Participate In Organized Rides?

You don’t have to worry if your cycling ability isn’t that good. These organized rides attract various participants who enjoy cycling, from the experts to the novices. Therefore, don’t be afraid to participate in such events even you’ve just taken up this healthy form of recreation. There are many casual cyclists out there too.

  • Since people participate in organized rides share the universal love of cycling, you’ll be able to learn helpful tips from different people.
  • You might eventually end up making many new friends too. Meeting new people and making friends have never been easier. It’s always great to find partners for your future rides also.


Because organized rides tend to have many bikes and cyclists, some people would feel overwhelmed and be apprehensive of the thought of having to ride to a great group. However, if you participate in one, you’ll see that all participants are courteous about not following or crowing the other cyclists too closely. So don’t worry, there will be ample space between you and the others.

Organized Rides Are Not Races.

There is no need to compete for being the fastest rider. You don’t have to be a speed demon, as long as your pace is steady around 12 miles/hour; you can finish within the designated time. Riding by yourself the entire route would be lonely, therefore, if you’re a newbie, and you don’t have anyone to accompany you, step out of your comfort zone, strike up conversations.

How To Find An Organized Ride?

The best way to find an organized ride is to find it online, look up “Organized bike ride”. The Western States Ride Calendar will be helpful for people who live in the western US.

How to find an organized ride?


You can search for organized rides that fit your schedule since most Ride calendars are organized by date. Usually, the state, date, elevation, length, and ride name will be listed. You can click on the event to see the detail information about the cost, sponsoring organization, route, location, and level of difficulty.

If you’re a novice, just start basic; choose an easy ride with the shortest route.

Organized Rides Are Easy And Affordable

Before registering for an event, remember to check the registration dates. Some rides are wide known and fill up rather quickly, so if they are, it will be noted. Online registration forms are normally easy and quick.

Most of the times, an organized ride will cost around $40/person/day; lunch, snack stations, and all the support are included. Once you get used to riding and improving your endurance and stamina, you can choose a longer route and increase the difficulty of the level so that you can practice more and become better. Your hard work will eventually pay off.


It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice, an expert, or a casual recreational rider, an organized ride is something very worth trying. And it ‘d be good to ask your friends and family to join you too. This is a great outdoor activity providing you a chance to bond with others at a very reasonable price. It would be great if you can ask someone to enjoy this healthy and exciting form of sports and recreation.

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