Longboard Purchasing Puide For Beginners

For the beginner of riding a longboard, choosing the suitable longboard is the most important step to become a good rider. Many people choose the solution of tak the random boards, some others choose the board come from the good longboard brands. But the best way to choose the suitable longboard is that you need to understand the features of the board to make sure that you choose the one with the features can support you during the riding time.

There are some features of the longboard that you should pay more attention are the deck, trucks, wheel, bearings, hardware, grip tape, and the pads. So let’s start to dig in each of them

  1. Construction Type

There are 3 choices for you in term of the longboard main material which are bamboo, maple, and last one is carbon fiber. Each of them has different characteristics and you need to base on those feature to choose the suitable one.

Bamboo: This material provide the flexibility for the users and due to that, the bamboo longboard is the perfect choice for cruising or carving riding style of longboard. The things which make I like the bamboo board more that other type are light weight, thinner, and suitable for city transportation.

Maple: this is the most common choice of longboard material in the market. Solid, thick, and durable is the things people remember right away when talk about the maple longboard.

Carbon fiber: Most expensive type of material but also is the type which provides the most convenient and support the most for the uses. Super light weight and easily pushing up are the features that people love about this type.

  1. Longboard Types

It depends on the riding style to classify the longboard types, and there are 2 main types of the longboard in the market that you need to know about.

Cruisers: with this type, you only can ride for one direction and if you want to go back, you have to turn around. Thicker deck and more stable are the reason why this type of longboard is the better choice for cruising and carving style.

Downhill: Downhill style is not for the beginner because you have to ride the board with high speed and as the beginner, you will not able to control the board at high speed. The downhill longboard provides better stability of the dech, truck and flexibility for the wheel system to help the rider can control the situation and ensure their safety more effective.

  1. Longboard Wheels

There are 3 features of the wheels that you need to care about are the size, shape, and durometer of wheels.

Size (diameter): The smaller wheel run slower than the bigger one so if you are the beginner, you should not choose the big wheel to get start with. The best size for beginners is from 54 to 59mm, for the size from 60mm and bigger, they are suitable for old-school board or downhill style.

Durometer: The hardness measurement of the longboard wheel. The range from 78a to 87a is soft wheel, suitable for round surface. The range from 88a to 95a is harder but less grip so it is good for street. 96a to 99a provides good quality of speed and grip character. 101 and plus is the hardest and fastest choice for you.

Shape: there are 2 choices for you in term of the wheel shape are round lips and straight edges. The round one provides faster speed but the straight edge provide more ability of grip on the ground for you. So that, the straight edges is the best choice for downhill style.

  1. Bearings

People use the ABEC ratings to identify the size of the bearing system. The rated grades are 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9. For the bigger grade, the faster but less friction of the bearing you can get.

  1. Hardware

The common hardware types that you should know are the buts, bolts, locknuts, or screws. For the each set, it comes with 8 bolts and 8 locknuts to attach the truck with the deck, you also can buy each part separately and put them together by yourself.