Let review the most affordable mountain bike on the market

Mountain biking is an adventurous and interesting sport. You can climb on mountain, suffer the off-road, discover the wild life in jungle and enjoy a super adventurous trip with a mountain bike. Just imagine if you start the journey in very early morning and reach the peek of hills at the sunrise, view the wonderful dawn, which is so beautiful moment and unforgettable experience. That sound so nice, isn’t that?

If you are a mountain biking lover, you definitely should own a mountain bike that is suitable for yourself. Mountain bikes come in the market with many kinds of model, feature, benefit and different price range. Do you want to purchase a mountain bike, which help you to go though any hills and off-roads with the affordable price? The reviews below will show you some best mountain bikes under 500 and surely they are very popular to be a good choice for mountain biking

  • The Diamond mountain bike:

The Diamond mountain bike is a good choice for people who want to get a strong and affordable bike. With really nice feature, normal size wheels ( 30 inch ) is suitable for all mountain bikers even though the new beginners can also control it comfortably. The light frame is so convenient, the high seat is designed as sport bike for riders can put their body ahead and focus all force on the paddle. So they can suffer all the rough roads easily

  • The Women Lux mountain bike:

The Lux mountain bike is a unique product that suitable for women. It come with 3 distinguish size of frame: 15, 17 and 19 inch. The special feature is super light aluminum frame and also fit the women. The size of wheel is 29.5 inch to make sure that you will have a stable and comfortable ride with the Women Lux mountain bike. It also has powerful disc brakes, so it is very safe when you need to brake though riding process

  • The Mongoose mountain bike

The Mongoose mountain bike is a brief and strong mountain with very nice size, just 800 centimeter long. It is a good choice with awesome ability to get over the dirt trails and rough road. The bike also has suspected folk for both smooth and stable riding. You can release and gain the speed quickly after each time braking because of the nice hubs and front frame

  • The Firewire mountain bike

While the Lux mountain is particularly for women, the firewire is especially for men. With strong feature designed, the light aluminum frame that is not only solid but also help the riders to stay firm and control easily on whatever kinds of topographic. The flexible wheel and tire give comfortable ride, especially when you need to brake, the good tires will reduce all force that prevent you from falling aside. You do not have to worry to be injured if you are a good mountain biker with the Firewire mountain bike

  • The Victory Vegas mountain bike

It is  maybe one of the best choices for mountain biking, you can ride the Victory Vegas on both flat or off trails. The bike will take you from place to place with its powerful brakes really well. This bike is chosen by many people because of its flexible design, you can change and replace the tires and disc brake very easily whenever you want. It is simple to fix if be broken far away from home

  • The Nashbar mountain bike

The Nashbar is really a flexible and strong mountain bike with lightweight aluminum frame, which is not only support stable ride but also protect the feature from rusty of wet weather. The reliable fork of the bike surely help you to ride smoothly on rough road and gain speed easily. Just like the other mountain bike, the Nashbar also has elastic tires and wheels with strong rims cover around, folk and paddle that fit the rider

To purchase a strong and affordable mountain bike, you can have joyful trips to wherever you want. Biking mountain also help you to get fit and stay healthy, get more fun in life. Please do not wait, let choose a mountain bike under $500 for yourself