Up to the present, hunting has been still considered to be one of the most lethal activities. People think that hunting results in the death of animals and the extinction. That is the reason why there are a lot of demonstrations against hunting. In spite of the fact that hunting gives us a number of benefits, indeed, it has led to unexpected consequences as people said. In this article we will give you the hunting fact so that you can understand what is real hunting. In addition, we also provide you the ways not to harm the animals.

Hunting fact

Animals are always afraid of being hunted and they often consider people to be their biggest enemies on the grounds that people have killed their offspring or their friends. People’s hunting has resulted in numerous deaths for wild creatures and here are some statistics estimated.

  • More than thirty thousand rhinoceroses are killed with guns and spears and sold for meat and tusks. The rhino is listed in the rare animals of the world.
  • Elephants are standing in front of the extinction risk as they have disappeared since people started to chase and trap them. The most valuable part of an elephant is its tusks. People kill them with a view to selling the tusks to gain a huge amount of money. For the sake of themselves, people have been hunting elephants illegally, which puts the elephants into extinction.
  • Monkeys are killed to get their brains. Some “devils” eat monkeys’ brains to increase their vigor and health. They pay a lot of money for a brain of monkey. Therefore, these innocent animals are killed.
  • Tigers are hunted for bones on the grounds that tigers’ bones can be the best treatment for diseases related to peoples’ bones. Thousands of tigers have been hunted and this number is still increasing annually.
  • A lot of birds are killed just because hunting birds is a hobby of human beings. The number of birds has decreased drastically owing to so cruel hunting.

As you can see, human beings have been killing animals without mourn. They only think of their huge benefits after selling these creatures but they do not think of the severe consequences of their behaviors. So, it is necessary to punish severely illegal hunting.

Allowable hunting

So, what is legal hunting? To make hunting become a suitable sport, people have to be aware of the importance of our wild life and the nature. Furthermore, the method of hunting needs to be re – defined. Hunting does not mean killing. For some people, hunting is their hobby. So they are just allowed to catch animals with anesthetic or they should use longbows to shoot them. For some hunters, hunting is to do experiment. They can use anesthetic to anesthetize the animals and inject the genes for experiment. After that they have to liberate the animals to their home.

Legal hunting always receives support from all people but if there is any illegal activity killing animals, we should raise our voices to ban such activities.