How to choose a recumbent bike

Cycling is the favorite sport of many people on the world. There are many different types of bike on the market from traditional type such as straight bike, mountain bike or sport bike to new type as recumbent bike. Therein, recumbent bike can be considered as a new type of bike. This bike is designed to put rider in a laid-back reclining position. This type has many different pros such as convenience; weight of rider is distributed on large area with the support of back and buttock – this thing is very different compared with traditional bike (at traditional bike, weight of rider will be distributed on smaller area with the support of feet and hand). According to recumbent bike reviews, recumbent bike gradually has become a popular choice of many people when cycling however not everyone also knows how to choose the best recumbent bike therefore in this article, we will give you some tips to solve this problem.

  1. Wheelbase

Wheelbase should be the first factor which you should consider when choosing this product. Normally, people usually classify recumbent bike based on wheelbase into three main types including short wheelbase bike (SWB), long wheelbase bike (LWB) and compact long wheelbase bike (CLWB) and each type will have own pros and cons. Therein, short wheelbase bike usually has lightweight and have more responsive steering.

This type is designed with higher seat therefore rider will have to sit on front wheel of this product – this thing will cause certain difficulty if your height is not suitable with height of seat. If you want to use this type to move on smooth and flat surface then you should choose a bike with large size of front wheel because a small front wheel can cause difficulty when moving in this case. Normally, if you want to use recumbent bike to move on smooth and flat surface perhaps a long wheelbase bike or compact long wheelbase bike will be better choice.

Long wheelbase bike is designed with seat between the wheels – this design allows rider sitting lower and it make easy to put their feet touching into ground when necessary. Most of long wheelbase bikes and compact long wheelbase bikes are designed with seat lower than short wheelbase bike. This thing usually makes users feel more safety compared with short wheelbase bike.

  1. Size of wheel

Size of wheel is also important factor when choosing this product. Basically, large wheel will be better than small wheel because large wheel will provide more stability, faster speed as well as ensuring more safety when moving by this product.  However, you should also choose size of wheel depending on purpose and hobby of you normally the small wheel will be suitable choice to implement long trips. In addition, you should also consider to size of front and back wheel because with this bike, size of front and back wheel is different. You should choose diameter of back wheel larger than front wheel.

  1. Price

Next factor is price of product. This is also important factor because price of recumbent bike is higher than traditional bike. Price of this product is very diversity – this factor depends on many other things such as brands, style, design, weight, type and other similar things. Normally, we can classify recumbent bike based on its price into three main types including cheap, expensive and premium. With cheap recumbent bike, you can easily find and buy this type at genuine dealer – this type can still meet basic requirement of rider however it is usually very heavy.

With expensive recumbent bike, this type has price higher than cheap types two to three times however quality of it is better and it is suitable choice if you want to use this product to move once to twice times each week. With premium recumbent bike, of course price of this type is very expensive (this price can be higher than cheap types 6 to 10 times) but quality and feature of this type is perfect. It is designed with lightweight, high quality and durability, good material, faster speed and more safety for rider. This type is suitable choice if you want to move regularly by this vehicle.