How to choose a good air compressor

Compressors is a mechanical device that acts as motor to increase the pressure of the gases. Compressors are considered a vital link in the industrial system using high-pressure gas to operate the machine, the machine has plenty of utilities, some industries such as textile, wood, packaging, food most are used to taking use of this type of machine.

Compressors are classified into several categories, depending was based on criteria that have different classifications. You can base on the air compressor reviews to refer some function, features and the design of the air compressor in many different sources. We are going to name some common pneumatic machines today for you to consider while purchasing this type of machine.

  1. Piston Compressors

Piston compressors are machines used to transform the energy of the gas with the help of Piston and generate high pressures. Machine has the advantages of high performance, large compression ratio from 25 to> 100, the machine can conserve power whether there is a change in operating conditions. In addition the machine also has the ability to operate in a wide range of pressure change and generate very high pressure.

Machine increases air pressure by reducing its volume, we can control by electric motor or combustion engine.

  1. Screw Compressors

Screw Compressors similar to a rotary device using worm gear; the machine includes two helical coil inserted leaves to compressor. Currently screw compressors are used widespread in businesses; machines typically use in transport systems to collect air or supply compressed air for instrumentation and control action.

Air compressors have the advantage of being durable due to not creating friction when work, which leads to limited wear and tear of equipment, machine no intake valves, exhaust valves which creats reliability while working. Additionally screw air compressor also has the advantages of high performance with maximum compression ratio of 25, the machine has a compact structure, smooth operation, the maintenance and operating with low costs.

  1. Centrifugal Compressors

Centrifugal air compressor is used to force air impeller on the edge of the impeller to increase the air speed or rotate the rotor disc. Diffuse parts of the machine will convert the speed energy into pressure. Pneumatic centrifuge is used mainly in heavy industry, with continuous work environment. Usually mounted machine with a capacity of up to thousands of horsepower.

The machine is made up of seven sections are: Chassis including inlet and outlet, in shell, bulkhead, Roto including shaft and arm bracing, bearings and drive block, seals between levels and hidden piece of work.

On the market today there are many different types of air compressors for all kind of design capacity. It’s not easy to choose a good fit compressors. That depends in part on your understanding of the type of compressor. We would like to introduce some tips or choose to buy the compressor so that you refer four steps:

Step 1: Check the quality of the air compressor

Choosing a good air compressor will help you to save the cost of maintenance, repair, replacement parts, increase longevity and reduce damage caused by operating day by day.

A good air compressor has not strong noise generated at startup. You should choose a machine with good sound insulation to avoid influencing the production of workers

Step 2: You should choose accessories for compressors

You should use additional accessories such as filters, air dryer to protect old air compressors used in dry and clean air environment.

Step 3: Check the capacity to work

Select the power using air compressors suitable depending on the intended use. Better pre_check all gas appliances and gas flow before using.

Step 4: Check the power source

Compressors have two kinds of air compressor and three-phase one, so before you buy you should check if it is the power source using dedicated electrical appliances or if gas resources and bearing time turn more than 5 minutes, you should choose it.

Check the power source because there are  2 types of air compressors which are 3 phase and 1 phase.

Here are some suggestions for you in purchasing. Hopefully, with the share above, it would be useful information to help you choose the compressor good as expected.