How To Buy The Best Rangefinder For The Golf Player

Currently, golf is becoming one of the most popular sports around the world. Playing golf can significantly bring the numerous benefits for the players. However, how to choose the best device to support for this sport is not easy. In this post, we would like to introduce all of you how to select the best golf rangefinder.

  1. What is the gold rangefinder?

Gold rangefinder is the intersecting lines or reticle mounted in the eyepiece of the binoculars, microscopes, document monitoring equipment locations or other optical devices to help take some data from monitoring and measurement. Cross Ruler measure distance course is used to measure the distance between you and the animals are observed or can also be used to measure the height of the object.

1.1 What kind of distance measure is often used in optical devices?

A form of distance measurement using laser light is common in all kinds of hunting binoculars, binoculars golf. Its operating principle is to use laser light source and the light reflected from the object is determined in advance, the distance is calculated thanks to the play time of the beam-collecting it.

The advantage of this measure is for getting the fast and accurate results. Only accurate measurements at short distances, should you have the power source (battery) to run and computer sources with relatively high price is the downside of this measure.

2 What is the usually measure distances for certain types of rangefinder?

Measure the distance for people to play golf. Most types of golf rangefinder is to watch how the size of golf are. They help determine the distance to the hole to help us select the most appropriate typing.

Among a lot of numerous golf rangefinders, we would like to introduce a very modern type that is used a lot nowadays called Celestron 7×30 Cavalry

In fact, the distance measurement system is widely used in binoculars and surveying the office equipment. This kind of distance measurement is simple and easy to use. Rulers includes dividing line is small. And it is commonly known as Mil-Size Dot reticle sight. To use this watch to measure applying the formula Mil-Dot.

Formula Mil – Dot.

If you know the height or length of the object, you can calculate the distance from you to the object through the 1st formula and vice versa, if you know the distance from you to the object, then can identify the object or target height horizontal length is how much formula through the 2nd. It is easy to imagine the following example:

Suppose you’re going on a boat and looking through binoculars watching the meter shows a lighthouse. You know that this lighthouse 60 meters high (because you did it that). Applying the formula below:

  • Distance: (height of plants / units vertically on sight size) x 1000
  • Distance : 60/80 * 1000
  • The distance to the lighthouse: 750m

Although the results that you are not due to the accuracy or precision of the data you collect and will certainly not accurate and convenient like laser sources, but you can rest assured that it will not use resources electricity and can measure at a distance and did not afraid whatsoever.

Therefore, the marine golf rangefinder for watching by size at low cost and this is the best solution, but considering the source size laser sight with more affordable prices can be integrated compass, fit for life every day, the traditional measure distance only found in marine binoculars, hunting, military and sniper rifle scopes only.

  1. Product Description:

This machine is an upgraded version with the design of style and function models. It is designed with the features of waterproof, and here are some special features of golf rangefinder

Pin Seeker technology: Capable of measuring the slope work correctly with technology ESP2 measured at different distances to relatively high accuracy.

Technology Jolt: With any technology, you do not have to wait long to show results, display results only 1 click away Hospice, in addition, it also features high vibration damping, as you have identified a point .

Vivid Technology: Technology made vivid screen, visible to read parameters with increased brightness. The product‘s magnification has relatively good viewing angle, that locate the flag at a distance of 550 yards accurately. Add to that the slope measurement features, measure the difference in height between you and the position you are measuring.

Digital capacity

  • Pin Seeker with Jolt technology on the flag
  • Accurancy to 1/2 yard
  • Different performance, 5-mile beach-1 (550+ yards to a flag)
  • ESP 2 (Extreme. Speed accuracy …)
  • Vivid Display Technology (VDT) for all light conditions
  • 7x magnification with HD Optics (objects appear closer 7x)
  • Technology provides compensation slope distance with elevation changes
  • Water proof
  • Dock able Tripods