Features of oven outdoor activity in picnic


In a beautiful sunny day of summer, you can prepare a BBQ partyfor a picnic or outdoor activity yourself, which is neccessay. Therefore, the importance is that basing on the smoker reviews, people can choose gas oven or charcoal oven. These are some suggestions of  experts for using broiling oven in BBQ party. Following these, people can choose a relatively safe products for their party and gain the special, delicious steak dishes. Wish you all have a great party outdoors on the weekend with family and friends.

  1. Price:

The prices of broiling oven are various depending on the sizes, the number of different functions and materials of oven chosen

However, some experienced experts express that price of oven is not the important requirement influencing the quality of product. “there are some kinds of oven relatively expensive but not much outstanding”.  Applying the non-smoke oven, or non-toxic coal oven will contribute to improve the heath of members in family.
The question posed is that should we use gas or charcoal?
The choice of a good oven with unique innovations: people can

use gas or charcoal. Costs might influence on your decision of the type of broiling oven. Gas oven is much expensive than other oven. Costs for raw materials you have to pay:

Oven consuming Gas costs much money than other types of oven because the price of the 12-kg gas bottle  can be from 13$ to 15$

Oven using charcoal, activated carbon and other kinds of burning coals cost about 1$ per 1 kg, which can save your money much.

  1. Time and quality of food:

The charcoal broiling process requires you to take times to make fire while air conditioning system is well-designed, so you can finish the process of cooking within 15 minutes.

People had better avoid consumping homemade charcoal, which is impregnated with chemicals to make fire quickly. Accordingly, it makes your food become unhealthy.

The flavor of food grilled by a charcoal is very delicious. “You absolutely can feel the difference of food well-cooked on a charcoal grill. Because food is cooked more slowly,  it can be retained the moisture longer, which makes meat more tasty. ” International Experts  claim that although by using some gas BBQ oven to grill, you can imitate the taste of food grilled by charcoal, people can still realize the difference in flavor.


Gas oven  also helps to grill your food well-cooked quickly.  When the temperature is regulated, this kind of oven is able to cook more evenly than charcoal oven. Gas oven can broil food at different temperatures. We can say that using gas is convenient for all kinds of food and temperature of oven can be modified

  1. Some other notes:

Many types of oven are not equiped with the lids, but a lot of people have seeked to buy them. Ovens having lids are usually able to control the temperature more uniformly, the steak is broiled deeply inside and to be used a thermometer to measure the temperature of the oven (how long the broiling time is)

The size of the piece of meat, or what kind of your meat dishes or   a larger space to grill is required at the same time. For broiled food in a party,  you can use with one side of oven to broil and another side to contain tray of hot food.

If you want to use the hard broiled food such as eggs and vegetables, you can use various versatile grill, which are very helpful.

4. Choice

There are a number of choices. Many books have been checked and are assessed as the best selling book on the market, which the customers are highly appreciate.

  1. Kitchen BBQ charcoal Weber One Touch

Oven: Premium Weber One Touch

Landmann Piccolino is ranked as consumer goods. It has a 37cm cooking grill with heating bar and a lid you can take along with you on  long trips

Weber One Touch charcoal BBQ with 170 customers. It has a dual space for cooking. The cooking area is 65x36cm and oven with side shelves to contain the food.