Experience in using hybrid bike and how to teach for children properly

Basically, there are schools of cycling, a bicycle is lightweight (plastic rotating) and the other is considered as the best hybrid bikes. Either way this bike can be used depending on the condition and health of each person. Using hybrid bike is becoming a trend in many countries, but it is pedal so that the correct and healthy is something not everyone knows. This article will guide the right postures for everyone to use this bike.

 Rules in cycling hybrid bike

In order to maintain the strength and speed over a long distance, some experience may eventually be useful for people playing sports hybrid bike:

– Maintain rpm 80-90 revolutions / minute when cycling

– You should bicycle disc 2 in 95% of the time and use the ridges 7, 8, 9 corresponds to a rate of about 28, 32, 35 km / h. Largest disk is usually used when facing downhill.

– When there is a new file, choose a nice way, flat to initial training and should try to reach the foot of the rotation in accordance with road and then memorize the corresponding speed 3 Phil (smallest ).

– Conduct a record runtime that distance, which is aimed to be converted into speed.

– Then time to improve efficiency by increasing bike on the road. To do this, without tonic pedal, it can be moved regardless of the brake right combination at the sensitive points such as bends, groove.

– Conduct a reduction in cycle time and increase distances by bicycle power. However, the time should be reduced slowly physically fit.

– After the first time if the improvement is time bike around 10-20%, it can switch to interval training run (roughly translated as running can withdraw paragraph).

This method is as follows if the colloquial has understanding exercisers that often reach an average speed of 26 km / h on roads with, they can choose an appropriate flat ramp and ran ahead about 10 km section of the road to start.

As to the selected segments, the apprentice can run for 2 minutes at a speed of 30 km / h and select some more severe and has kept spinning (speed reel feet), which means trying to pedal faster. Then, slow down for about 5 minutes – but kept footsteps (but slow) on the pedal to recover physically.

Each acceleration and deceleration that is called an interval. The student can perform interval 3-4 times and can improve the speed or change the amount of time acceleration and deceleration under physical lobe itself.

– To train endurance, hybrid bike eople can also use category runs, that is 100 miles, or 160 km / day.

In fact, there are 3 types including single century run, ie 1 day running 100 miles, back to back consecutive days ie 2, running 100 miles per day and double, ie 1 day running 200 miles.

With this running, sport bike category does not matter, it is cross-country race bikes, city, touring, mountain bike, but the player must run all the way to base number and time depending on physical limitations, as long as the guarantee within 24 hours.

Cycling posture correctly for kids

Cycling habits is an essential work, and their children need training for a cycling posture properly, to ensure the best performance during the ride. Along refer correct posture for young cyclists in particular and people in general.

– Impact of wrong cycling posture: wrong posture in cycling efficiency will affect practice, which is very easy to hurt your body.

– Gesture: Many people believe that cycling is the foot pedal down, the wheel spins, the bike. Actually, the exact cycling including 4 unified movement: bike, pull, lift, push. Pedal down, pull up your feet shrink, and eventually raise the pedal pushed down, so you need to complete cycling round a rhythm. Thus a smooth ride not only save energy but also accelerate.

In the middle of this period, the student must have a sense of shortness of breath, sweating, and a bit hard to maintain the speed, but this is the most important stage and practitioners should not slow down bike that should try to maintain the highest speed as long as possible. The last 10 minutes is the time needed to relax so slow bike to go home.

To ride with all the ability, the student should have a meter time and speed, to compare the highest speed to achieve every day.