Nowadays, people still go on arguing with each other about the reasons for the ecological unbalance and biological changes in the world. They think of a lot of reasons and explanations for this. Some think that the main reason for natural unbalance is the utilizing the advanced equipment of hunting like hunting guns with the best rifle scope. However, it is just a tiny aspect of a big problem. In this article, we will discuss the overall reasons and explain why our nature is being worsened.

Exploring Natural Resources

The development of economy, society and population all over the world has resulted in illegal nature exploring in almost all countries, which has been a threat to our nature and biological diversity of the world. The main activities causing this are hunting wild and rare animals, destroying the forests, chopping down trees and occupying space of animals with the purpose of constructing new buildings, hospitals or industrial zones.

As a result, the area and quality of forests are being reduced drastically, caused by illegal hunting and wood trading throughout the world.

Unsteady Marine Creatures Exploring

Methods of hunting or catching sea creatures often use poisons, chemicals or electric power, which is making the biological system deteriorating considerably and putting all the ecological systems in the world into peril.

As usual, exploring sea animals require modern and high – tech machines and the most poisonous chemicals so that people could be able to kill the animals easily and quickly as well as protect themselves from being defeated by the animals. Some people take advantage of utilizing poisons for the sake of catching sea creatures have been punished severely on the grounds that they are directly destroying the marine life.

Illegal Hunting And Trading Animals

Illegal hunting and trading animals is considered to be the biggest danger threatening and reducing quickly the number of wild animals such as elephants, tigers and bears. A lot of evidences have indicated that some countries in Asia are one of the biggest markets for consuming animals hunted illegally.

In terms of hunting, hunters also need to use modern equipment which has the high lethality so as to able to kill the target animals. They use hunting guns for shooting their prey, not only killing the prey but also threatening other animals in the forests by the terrible sound of firing guns.

That’s why animals always regard human beings the most dangerous enemy. For those who are killing wild animals illegally, they are being chased and punished. However, the laws about protecting animals seem to be not tight enough to threaten the hunters to stop their destructive activities.

Indiscriminate Land Using

Changing land between natural forests and land for agricultural cultivation, for industrial construction has made the ecology of the world lose its balance and worsen the biological diversity, worsen the functions of the ecology such as protecting the environment, helping to limit soil erosion.

People nowadays are thinking of many ideas whereby they will need more space while the number of people around the world is increasing. They just need to satisfy their own requirements and forget the importance of nature and other creatures. There are more plans related to building factories, companies and bridges. Because there is not enough land for people to do that, they think they have to kill animals and occupy their settlements. People are usually greedy and they are using land indiscriminately, which makes the ecology lose its own balance.

The Appearance Of New Creatures

The appearance of some new creatures can be a threat to natural animals and destroy the domestic gen, damage the structure and the function of the ecology, destroy the crops in a lot of regions.

In particular, some agricultural countries often allow some new types of plants or animals to bring up. Such creatures have different habits and behavior, which affect a lot of the life of other animals.

Environmental Pollution

Nowadays, the environment is deteriorating; waste is not processed and passed directly to the environment, which is the factor threatening the ecological diversity such as killing or reducing the number of creatures or destroying the settlement and environment of many wild animals.

More pesticides are being used. This is also a factor that contributes to the death of animals. The water is also suffering unwanted effect from hunting and exploring.

Climate Changes

Climate changes together with the unreasonable natural resources using has led to disasters such as earthquakes, storms and soil erosion, which has severe impact on people’s life. Even there are a number of people killed by disastrous events.

In conclusion, there are a lot of reasons for the deterioration of the natural ecology. Activities that bring damages to the nature should be banned or limited to protect our nature.