Basic knowledge about fishing machine you should know

In general, there are basically three kinds of fishing machines, each with its own advantages we choose. They are Horizontal machine, Vertical machine, Horizontal and vertical machines combined. Besides, you should pay attention to buy good parts of a fishing rod such as best baitcasting reel to your machine become more perfect.


  1. Horizontal Machine

Horizontal machine operates in the severity of lures or bait true, it drag flush seconds and rotate drive long wires to discharge the charges.  With regular exercise, this model allows us to throw more accurately. Using this kind of rod often appropriate for experienced anglers, especially when using primers designed to severely and wiring to the big fish. Many professional angler like to pull this machines with big fish and strong personality in the long run, especially the big fish in the sea. The majority of current horizontal machine designs often adjust overall system drive traction wires wrapped in charge to control the tension of the wires needed, just enough to flush day. It seen to be a single key or lock wing in the machine.

Horizontal machines are generally designed as a block from the pouring molds should have little rust affected by the sea. We can choose horizontal machine in the manner of the rod:

  • Machine for offshore fisherman designed to catch large fishing from boat.
  • Machine to use drag boat allows us to adjust the machine for live bait or vivid lures while pulling a boat.

And sunspot is beneficial and very accurately cast.

  1. Vertical Machine

This kind of fishing machine along with the previous machine in ventilated winding drive. Type of drive in this net charge avoids tangle cord. In addition, the weight of the bait when we toss will entail charges wires out drive. Often small fishing along machine but today, the vertical machine is designed for the small fish to big fish. We also need to know the fishing machine when selecting left-hand or right rotation, or binge used for both sides.

Fishing machine parts along with anti-reverse, a simple organ can be used after the toss, organs do not flush when fish feeding wire and cord. And courses usually mount against reverse gear organ. The anti-reverse unit often prevent or reverse crank the zipper fish using gill run or by boat. When you have an anti-reverse auto parts, we do not need to use the lock. When using the machine along the sea, we should use wire with rubber flap drive, as well.

It has a rubber flap will accommodate many more fishing lines, allowing us to be thrown away, and less tangled wires. With protective rubber flap inside the intestinal seawater into the machine and not as moist clay.


  1. The combination of horizontal and vertical machines

This machine has previously been covered drives, until we use the thumb button to toss the motion drive new charges and will pull flush bait fishing line out. The conviction will ease the use of this machine that is a good choice for beginners help question, with a simple structure and hiss, sometimes a problem can happen during fishing. Despite the shields drive in this machine, it is not limited to the wire flush, and we can find what kind of options that we use small fishing and fish average weight.


Materials and structures of machine:

  • Drive wrap charges: Winding drive is one organ that contains the machine reels and it can be disassembled. Winding drive can made of aluminum or graphite. Besides, winding drive is made of graphite is lighter than aluminum and aluminum one is often more expensive and durable than some supposedly. Both the raw material are used in the winding drive is designed to resist rust.

  • Chassis: Chassis is usually cast. Frames of this machine can be cast by aluminum or graphite. Again, this is the rod of the light weight and the reasonable price that we want to spend money to buy.
  • Capacity wire: Capacity cord is a necessity when we choose to buy machines. The number of cord reels depends on how we fishing. For example, if we fishing in small lakes or ponds, we may need less wiring.