When you come home after a hard day of work, there is nothing you want more than resting. Whether you are a clerk in a department store who has to stand all day or an office worker who sits in front of the computer all the time, you need to relax you neck, shoulders and back. The massage chair reviews is exactly what you need to do so at the push of a button.  Best message chair reviews point out the 4 health benefits you can get when using this machine for relax or therapy. Also, some handy tips are provided to help you use the machine properly for maximum effects.

  1. The four main benefits of massage chairs:
  • It helps relieve stress

We know how harmful stress is: It makes us mentally and physically exhausted. It can lead to poor appetite, lack of sleep or high blood pressure and worst: depression or mental breakdown to the point of suicide. Relieving stress is therefore very important for a healthy body and mind. The message chair helps you relax and drive your emotional stress away so that you can sleep better and be more at ease.

  • It helps reduce muscle tension and pain

Apart from the relaxation, the massage chair is particular helpful for improving your health conditions. Improper posture at work is a common cause for back pains; it is especially the case with office workers who have to sit at the same place for hours. Your lower spine has to bear weight unevenly. A message chair helps you correct your posture, adjust your spinal alignment and relax your stiff muscles. With reduced pressure on nerves, you sores and pains will be eased away. With better posture and balance you can even more around better than before the usage session.

  • It helps increase blood circulation

You will definitely feel the impact when there is any wrong with your blood circulation. If the blood flow is constricted by stiff and tense muscles, blood will be able to carry enough oxygen and nutrients for cells and organs in your body. Good blood circulation also helps your body remove toxins from your blood or tissues and organs and decrease pains in your joints.  When you use the massage chair, the muscles are massaged well, thus lowering lactic acid buildup in your body.

  • It helps recharge your energy: Fatigue, stress, sores and pain all affect your mood and your productivity in your work or study. A massage chair gives you back the energy you need and help you prepare for upcoming task with a relaxed and healthy mind and body.
  1. Usage note

A massage chair can provide you with a lot of benefits; however it is important that you learn to use the machine properly for your own safety and best interest. Here are of couple of tips for you:

  • Choose the type of massage that is suitable for your weight. Overloading can result in improper function of the machine and eventually even more stiffen muscles or bruise.
  • Be aware when you blood pressure is already low: when you use the massage chair, your blood pressure will be lowered; therefore if you have low blood pressure, you should ask for advice from your doctor first to see if it is fine. Don’t let your blood pressure fluctuate a lot during the usage session.
  • Opt for hand massage service instead you are easily bruised.
  • Be very careful when you are pregnant. In general, it is safe to use the machine during the first trimester of pregnancy; however, you should consult your doctor before proceeding to make sure it is alright for both the mother and the baby.
  • Don’t over use the machine, despite the benefits in can provide. Read the instruction about recommended usage time very carefully before you use it. It is normally recommended that you use the massage chair for 30 minutes a day.

As you can see, a massage chair can provide you with many great health benefits. You can easily get them after work without having to go to a spa. Take some time off for yourself and you will immediately feel the comfort in brings to your body and mind.