10 valuable experiences when buying electric scooter

Demand buy electric bikes to get around the growing, but not everyone knows choose a satisfactory. Here is the experience for those who want to buy an electric scooter.

Nowadays, there are many line bicycles but the electric scooter line rise, is steadily popular specially to the young. Electric scooter for kids is an example for that.

  1. Consider needs

Electric bikes are designed for different people and different purposes. If you want comfort, consider carefully the frame. If you want to climb mountains, take a look at the engine, the type 250 watt or mid-engine is perfect. If you want to go the distance, 400 watt hours larger battery is paramount. Understanding individual needs will help you focus attention and necessary electric scooter.

  1. Select electric scooters

There will be a lot of people wonder whether to choose electric bikes and electric scooter as the main means of transportation. Actually, this problem is not problematic at all. First, the buyer should calculate their demand is like, and then look at the specifications of the manufacturer to choose the most appropriate vehicle.

Specifically, electric scooter typically have speeds ranging from 20-25 km / h, the distance traveled after each full charge is about 40 km. So we can see, electric scooter only with students, students not wishing to travel a lot.

  1. Select the car battery or battery

For electric bicycles, batteries are considered the most important parts, the “heart” of the car. Good battery life largely determines the quality of the car so buyers often interested in leading this department.

Choose one battery or the battery power is also the question always “fly” in the beginning of the consumer by a few people understand the pros and cons of the two types of energy storage. Actually, what you need most interest among cell battery and is reliable and distance walked.

Compared with battery, battery with longer life. Every time charging, batteries for electric cars only help move the distance of 40 km. Life expectancy is only about 300-400 charges, corresponding to the total distance to be traveled at 14,000 kilometers fall.

Currently, the electric bike batteries obsolete due to low durability, distance walked from 20-30km only have to charge. Not to mention the incident as short-circuiting, fire or explosion hazard. Battery technology on electric bikes have “to the” new Lithium when applications for distances up to 80 km moving with just one charge. Lithium also designed to make sure, absolutely, explosion-proof.

  1. Load

Remember never have something you always ride alone. Sometimes also for friends and relatives behind an electric car with 130 kg payload under should not have in your selection list. Because loads are related to the durability of the chassis and engine. If constantly overloaded, damaged electric scooter faster.

  1. Mileage per charge

Most electric scooters are equipped with a battery that can run 40 km average per charge. However, if you have the need to travel for several days, you need to own the cars can go 75-80 km per charge.

  1. Batteries and Accumulators, kind of bulging lumps if not properly plugged in

The battery-powered electric scooter will end up like today’s mobile phones. If not charging properly, over time, the battery will be bottles, use shorter time, synonymous with moving distance decreases.

Trams run advanced batteries today are equipped with auto parts disconnected when the battery is full. Thus, consumers will no longer have to worry about plugging charger overnight.

  1. Warranty

Buy an electric scooter is a great investment, regardless of whether it’s $ 1,000 or $ 6,000 Warranty will allow you to rest assured that your investment is worth. A two-year warranty and battery engine is reasonable to expect from the electric bicycle manufacturer with more than $ 2,000 product.

Most electric cars on the market today only the warranty period of 6 – 12 months

  1. Resistance to water

Hot and humid weather is the enemy number one of the electronic devices, not just electric scooter. You are looking for a vehicle chassis structure as high as possible, no battery box sealed to avoid going in the water on rainy or muddy roads.